The Tura women embraces a tailored style enhanced with unique and delicate details. The Tura collection is trusted for its distinct, feminine beauty.

The Tura meet the demand of today's active lifestyles. This collection provides classic frame designs modernized to incorporate the latest technologies. In addition, these frames are lightweight, flexible and durable adding to their comforting fit.
The Tura collection exemplifies functional fashion. Since the inception of eyewear Tura has driven the idea "the more becoming eyeglasses are, the more women are to follow faithfully the prescription of their use". 

Edgy, stylish Tura Eyeglasses Eyewear combine modern looks, the best materials, high quality and fashion styling and value in a well-fitting, comfortable collection of designer Eyeglasses Eyewear.

An established eyewear company today, Tura was born out of "The House of Levoy," a dispensary on Madison Avenue in New York City. In 1949, the Levoy family ran an ad for their business which said: "Because women who wear glasses realize that there is no such thing as inconspicuous glasses, spectacle frames assume their logical place as a fashion accessory." Thus, Tura Eyeglass Eyewear, a fashionable and comfortable ophthalmic frame, style was born.
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